The Ultimate Detoxification and Weight Management System

By ‘Medical Herbalist’ – Brett Elliott

Are you ready to chart your own path to optimal health?

Embrace the incredible potential of the world's most comprehensive 'DIY Herbal Detox Program,' now at your fingertips

Feeling tired, sluggish, and burdened by toxic overload? Take charge of your health with Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal DETOX ‘n Heal Yourself Programs.

The programs offer 4o potent natural herbs in capsules or drink powder, kickstarting your path to optimal health. Whether you’re battling metabolic issues, chronic inflammation, weight gain, fatigue, or simply seeking overall well-being, Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal DETOX ‘n Heal Yourself program is your solution.

As New Zealand’s leading detox program, you can trust our years of experience and proven results. Enjoy online support, recipes, and video coaching to guide your wellness journey.

Don’t let toxic overload hold you back. Embrace healing with Brett Elliott’s Ultimate Herbal DETOX today. Order now for a better tomorrow!

By NZ ‘Medical Herbalist’ – Brett Elliott

Full service for your body

Ultimate Herbal DETOX – NZ’s #1

World’s Best Herbal DETOX Program. Cleanse your entire body.

Perfect Companion

BodiTune DETOX ‘n SLIM Protein Drink

Delicious vegan, herbal and protein drink for inner body cleansing and weight management.

Metabolic Support

Ultimate Herbal SLIM -
480 Capsules

Control sugar cravings, boost metabolism and regulate digestion.


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Body Tune herbal drink

Rated 5 out of 5
September 21, 2023

Quality product, makes me feel good and tastes great. Always fast shipping.

Bradyn Smith

The whole weekend was awesome

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

All flowed effortlessly, and I found everything excellent as it was. The whole weekend was awesome, learning new things, amazing, great course. Thank you.


Great visual presentation, workshops, and talk sessions

Rated 5 out of 5
September 20, 2023

Great course and visual presentation, workshops, and talk sessions. Lovely venue, delicious food, and nice pen. Great group and group dynamics, great books and excellent take-aways. Thank you.


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Learn why and how detox diets actually work to heal your body and what herbs and foods we can use to cure our most common health conditions.
By NZ ‘Medical Herbalist’ – Brett Elliott

Our Commitment To You

At Ultimate Herbal Health we understand that choosing to do a herbal detox program can be a daunting and new experience for many. That is why we provide full online support.


Live Support

Our one on one support through both live chat and email, plus a library of recipes, videos and articles means you have our full support and will never be alone on your detox journey.


We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so you can be assured we will be with you every step of the way.

Our Mission

To empower millions of people to change their lives with the world’s best herbal health programs.

Over 120,000 Programs sold in 45 countries in the last 25 years.
Backed by scientific research.

Designed by Medical herbalist – Brett Elliott

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Will it help?

Once you have completed the Herbal Detox program, you have a great foundation for your body to deal with other health issues naturally. It’s just like servicing a car to make it sound and respond better. We can’t make any health claims, but a cleanse is well known to help your body heal itself by allowing healthy functions to return.

There is lots of support material available on this website, plus we are here to help you every step of the way. Feel free to live chat with us, or join our Facebook community to see what others are saying.

Disclaimer – Results will vary in time frame and intensity from person to person. We make no claim to treat, prevent or cure any disease. None of the statements on this page have been evaluated by the FDA. Consult your physician before using the Ultimate Herbal Health Programs.

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