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Can you Detox and Heal your Liver?

YES, your liver can become toxic and toxin-induced liver disease is a huge global problem. Find out what you can do naturally to combat toxic liver damage and more, including
  • What does the liver do?
  • What causes liver damage?
  • What is hepatotoxicity?
  • How do drugs destroy your liver?
  • Which herbs can help protect the liver?
  • What foods help the liver function?
Doctors and Detox skeptics who say “You can’t Detox your liver” can now do their homework. For those of you who feel constantly tired, have high cholesterol, fatty liver or recovering from hepatitis, alcohol or chemical toxicity, drug damage or just have that foggy headache that won’t go away, this could be the answer.

Reviews and Feedback

My cholesterol & liver count improved

Rated 5 out of 5

Hi my name is Brendon and my wife brought me your Detox set which I have just completed. I have recently finished 20 yrs in the Military and was very fit. I am 5ft 11 inches, slim and by no means unfit, but in the civilian life I have let my high standard of fitness level slip and my eating habits are not as good as they should have been.

Anyway, I had blood tests 5 weeks ago and my cholesterol level was 7 (normal is 5), liver count HDL was 5.5 and weighing 96.9kgs. My wife and I completed the 14 day detox course which I found to be hard at the start but after day 3 I noticed marked energy increases and enjoyed your diet without feeling hungry.

The great news is I just received my blood test results where my cholesterol is now 4.8, liver count 3.2 and I weight 94.8kgs (without exercise).

Pretty amazing results. I am now motivated, joined a gym and back into running/circuits. But the biggest change for me is not having a huge desire to eat red meat. I get full on small portions of meat but load up on all the good stuff like veggies/fruits etc.

We will now do this course annually and I look forward to it.

Many thanks Brett, on a very simple life changing result.


It got my body working properly again

Rated 5 out of 5

I was diagnosed with chemical poisoning and insufficient liver function. I did the Ultimate DETOX and I think that was the major contributing factor to my recovery because I felt better straight afterwards. It got my body working properly again and made me aware of my eating habits which have changed ever since.


Up there with the best

Rated 5 out of 5

This liver cleanse/detox programme is fantastic. Every 3 to 6 months I give my body a treat by doing a 5 to 10 day detox, and have found Brett Elliot’s Ultimate Herbal Detox to be up there with the best. Tracey


The results are AMAZING !!

Rated 5 out of 5

My husband who has high cholesterol that he was due to go on medication for, went in for another cholesterol test after finishing the 14 day detox we have just received a phone call from the nurse stating that his results were amazing and what had he done he now no longer needs medication for high cholesterol as he is back in the safe range and only has to have yearly check ups. He now has a healthy weight, is sleeping through the night and no longer craves unhealthy food. I have also had great results I no longer have IBS symptoms, I feel alert, energised and am also lighter. I urge anyone who is thinking of doing this to take the plunge and stick with it as its only 14 days out of your life and the results have been life changing for us. Get inventive with the food, I created an aioli out of yogurt, Garlic, lemon juice and olive oil which was lovely on salads and veggies…

Gavin and Linda

Improved Liver Function

Rated 5 out of 5

I had elevated Liver Enzyme readings for several years, which resulted in completing a Liver Biopsy. Diagnosis was that I had a fatty Liver. Every six months I complete a blood test to keep an eye on Liver Enzyme levels I completed the Brett Elliot Detox diet, a couple of times within a six week period. Really happy with results, more energy, just feeling better. Routine blood test was due last week, which I completed. Doctor text through result saying that Liver Enzyme results were Normal!! Fantastic. Other than the Detox diet, I also quit drinking coffee and changed to Roobois tea and freshly sliced ginger. Worked for me.


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