Felt Great


I really enjoyed eating all the fresh products, I felt really fresh and clean and had lots of energy by the end of the 14 days. My skin felt great, my IBS symptoms were relieved towards the end, and I learned a bit about some of the foods that seem to agree with me or more to the point some of the foods that don’t agree with me, such as grapes, not sure why!? Felt myself getting slimmer and less heavy feeling, my tummy didn’t seem bloated anymore. Just a good feeling of wellness.
Other Comments:
We were a bit unclear about how long it was for also, as we didn’t realise that the 14 days didn’t include the ‘cutting things out gradually’ 3 days minimum so maybe a diagram or flow chart for ‘dummies’ from start to finish day one do this day two and so on. I suppose a lot of people love the freedom to do what they want and really choose what they want to eat, but for me who doesn’t seem to have time to think, I would have preferred a this day have this, this day have that approach. Really enjoyed it though and will do again in the near future, maybe try it over a longer period this time and able to east other bits and bobs, also reduce amount of capsules per day. Have recommended to my parents and they loved it, they even ordered 5 more for friends and family!

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