I’m pleased to feel back in charge of my health again – Linda



I am a lacto-vegetarian for nearly 40 years, but had become slack and lazy in my eating habits, a vanilla slice here , two sugars in my tea there, a potato scallop on the run, taking a bit extra serving for dinner, an extra serve of some yummy dairy-free, eggfree home-made chocolate cake..and became a podgy, heavy, flabby size of just over 75 kilos.

I am so thrilled, it was so easy , I never felt hungry, the smoothies were the yummiest….. I bought fresh vegies, and made a great variety of juices. I created and made all sorts of soups, enough to last me for a day or two, so I could come home late from work, and have a fresh bowl of tasty, satisfying, nourishing soup, ready to enjoy straight away.

The help and advice from Moira and Brett, has given me the confidence that my health is on the right track now, and I am continuing on with their Ultimate Herbal Slim.

I feel fantastic, energised, happy with my self, and pleased to feel back in charge of my health. I aim to lose more weight to attain my goal of approx 62 Kilos, and am very grateful that IconHerb have devised such an easy, healthy, pleasant method.

I struck gold in knowing you, thank you again, Linda.

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