More benefits besides just weight management – M.S.


During my school days I was a very active person and had never faced problems with digestion, metabolism, or maintaining a comfortable weight. Unfortunately, this ideal lifestyle slowly but surely changed since I graduated from University. Whilst my eating habits remained the same, I took post in a sedentary job without having the time to exercise. I had put on excessive weight (especially around my legs and stomach), and somewhat had a feeling that my blood was not circulating well.

I had been introduced to your products through a friend from New Zealand, and have completed the Detox and now on the Slim program. First of all, I would like to thank you for creating these great natural products. Besides the weight benefits, my skin has cleared and I am feeling mentally sharp and energetic. You have helped me change my physical/mental well being, and mainly perception of food which can never be valued on a price tag. To be honest, I was quiet surprised what had come out during the Detox.. I can therefore look forward to cleansing on a yearly basis after New Year’s celebration. Thank you so much.

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