How to Detox Your Liver & Reboot Metabolism LIVE Webinar

Gain a new understanding of what causes your liver to become unwell, and learn how you can trigger powerful metabolic healing processes using simple foods and herbs.

Brett also explains the healing process like you’ve never seen before and shows how it can be triggered using a simple process of inner body cleansing, with herbs and food that you can do at home.

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Join leading Medical Herbalist, Brett Elliott, for a 1-hour event, full of powerful healing insights. Inspire the next chapter on your healing journey.

What You Will Learn On The Night

Part 1: Welcome and Introduction

  • The Importance of Liver Function and Metabolism
  • Common Liver Complaints Related to Toxins
  • Common Types of Liver Toxicity

Part 2: Understanding Toxins in Our Lifestyle and Diet

  • Identifying Liver Toxins in Everyday Life
  • Liver Toxins in Processed Foods and Chemical Additives
  • Environmental Liver Toxins
  • Energetic Liver Toxicity

Part 3: The Healing Power of Detoxing with Food and Herbs

  • The Science behind Detoxification: Cellular and Metabolic Benefits
  • Restoring Optimal Function with Food
  • Resetting Liver Metabolism with Herbs

Part 4: The Ultimate Herbal Liver Detox Program

  • Overview of the Program Components
  • Detailed Explanation of Recipes and Herbal Products
  • Extra Resources: Books, Videos, Coaching Emails, and Support
  • 2 Free Gifts

Free Bonus & Giveaway


Win a Free copy of the ‘Cleansed & Cured‘ paperback book.

You will also get an opportunity to ask Brett your personal questions.

About Brett Elliott

Brett ElliottBrett is a Leading Medical Herbalist with over 25 years of clinical practice.

Over 120,000 people in over 45 countries have completed his Ultimate Herbal Health program. His book ‘Cleansed & Cured’ has sold thousands of copies in bookstores across New Zealand, and he is a regular speaker at health stores, public events, and expos.

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May 22 2024


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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