Why should I do a detox or Cleanse program?

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Our intestines absorb nutrients from our food and eliminate waste. However meats, refined grains and processed foods leave a sticky glutinous residue on our intestinal wall and gradually a plaque builds up, just as it does on our teeth.

Over the years we can accumulate a putrid toxic mass in the intestines, often compacted and caught in the folds of the colon. Also with continual sugar, alcohol, coffee, fries and cheese, our intestinal flora often get out of balance, especially after antibiotics. Parasites can then take hold and our immune
system and liver and kidneys become severely overloaded, allowing toxins to circulate in our body. This happens to almost everybody sooner or later. Typically we feel listless and negative and the foundation is laid for disease, especially cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

Traditionally, these problems have been treated with an enema. However this unpleasant and embarrassing procedure only cleanses the lower bowel which is about 2 metres long, leaving the much longer (about 6 metres) and
narrower small intestine where nutrients are absorbed from our food, untouched. Also untouched are the vital organs of liver and kidneys.

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