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I’m glad I’ve got a few minutes to talk to you today about something called healing space. Don’t you find life is too busy sometimes and maybe all of the time? We’re constantly running around trying to get as many things done as possible, and there are just not enough hours in the day. This makes us emotionally and mentally stressed because there’s an ever-increasing demand on us and our time.

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Issues like metabolism issues, digestive problems, blood pressure weight gain, and many other things can be down to the ‘stress of life’. So, It seems obvious that what we really need is a break. A holiday so to speak. We all know that our body does it’s healing its regeneration, its growth and healing in our sleep, and why’s that?





It’s because we’re at rest and there’s some space and time, and it’s then that the body can truly focus its energy on healing and regeneration. That’s also why we need bed rest when we’re unwell. Our body can’t heal when we’re busy and racing around during the day, doing many things.

That’s what the Detox ‘n Heal yourself program is all about. Deliberately creating space, for healing processes to take place. Not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically.

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So, when we create space within ourselves physically by going on pure food and pure herbs and detoxing ourselves we allow the healing process to take place. It’s that simple really. It’s all about creating a proper healing space within us.

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By deliberately creating some healing space in your life by simplifying things you can really help trigger a rapid healing process. You will find as you do this that your energy levels increase and your body starts to regenerate and grow, and you also help to do things like slow down the aging process, reverse the disease process, and that sort of thing.

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So by cleansing with the pure food and the pure herbs and simplifying what goes into your body it creates ‘metabolic space’ in your body which allows the healing process to be triggered and your growth and regeneration increases. The whole idea behind this Detox ‘n Healing Yourself program is to simplify, create space allowing the healing process to be triggered. An incredible amount of annoying health issues can respond to this process.

You will find as you browse this website that this theme is continued.

Find out more and watch Brett explain how the detox and Heal Yourself program works.

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