5 Powerful Ways To Create Healing Space

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Robert von Mayer’s original work on the conservation of energy was published in the mid-19th century. Here is the most famous quote:

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form to another.”

This rule also applies to the energy in our body, our metabolism, and our healing capacity.

This diagram is a great illustration of how our body, mind and spirit require an outward flow of energy into the surrounding space, and this indicates why healing occurs when the is space provided. 

Energy Flow For Healing

In today’s stress-filled world, we’re constantly running around trying to get as many things done as possible, and there are just not enough hours in the day.

Because there’s an ever-increasing demand for us and our time this makes us emotionally and mentally stressed.

Our body chemistry and metabolism are no different and respond to chaos and overload in exactly the same way.

So what are the easiest and quickest ways can we give our body a break to trigger deep healing on all levels?

Space !! 

Do you sometimes feel like this?

Issues like metabolism imbalances, digestive problems, blood pressure weight gain, and many other things can be down to the ‘stress of life’.

So, It seems obvious that what we really need is a break. A holiday so to speak.

We’re about to explore the reasons we need space and share 5 powerful methods to achieve this quickly and explain how they work. 

The 5 Methods To Create Healing Space

1. Sleep and Rest

It’s because we’re at rest and there’s some space and time, and it’s then that the body can truly focus its energy on healing and regeneration. That’s also why we need bed rest when we’re unwell.

Our bodies can’t heal when we’re busy and racing around during the day, doing many things.

In fact, recent sleep deprivation studies confirm the relationship between inadequate sleep and a wide range of disorders, such as hypertension, obesity and type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, impaired immune functioning, and more. (1)

2. Minimalism - Simplification

We’ve all heard the saying “Less is more”. A classic example of this is in the minimalist lifestyle where decluttering is know to increase the flow of energy in your environment. Great designers and architects use this principle also. 

You may have heard of Maria Condo who advocates decluttering as a path to happiness and joy.  

By deliberately creating some healing space in your life by simplifying things you can really help trigger a rapid healing process mentally, and emotionally, and as a by-product, physical health can improve. 

You will find as you do this that your energy levels increase and your body starts to regenerate and grow, and you also help to do things like slow down the aging process, reverse the disease process, and that sort of thing.

3. Detox - Clean Diet and Herbs

When we create space within ourselves physically by going on pure food and pure herbs and detoxing ourselves we allow the healing process to take place. It’s that simple really. It’s all about creating a proper healing space within us.

The Detox ‘n Heal Yourself program is all about deliberately creating space, for healing processes to take place. Not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically with the metabolic processes of your body.

A bit like stopping to sleep each night encourages healing, so do simplicity and space also encourage metabolic healing. 

So by cleansing with pure food and pure herbs and simplifying what goes into your body, it creates ‘metabolic space’ in your body which allows the healing and fat-burning processes to be triggered and your growth and regeneration increases.

The whole idea behind this Detox ‘n Healing Yourself program is to simplify and create space allowing the healing process to be triggered. An incredible amount of annoying health issues can respond to this process.

You will find as you browse this website that this theme is continued. See our suggested herbal detox ‘n heal-yourself programs below. 

4. Meditation

Meditation, a journey into the depths of consciousness, can open doors to an unseen dimension, revealing the vast mysteries of our Universe that lie hidden from our everyday perception. This profound experience has the potential to transform not just our perspective on life, but also the very essence of who we are. As we traverse this inner landscape, we unearth a wealth of benefits – improved health, heightened energy, mental clarity, enhanced intellect, and a deep sense of bliss and love. Yet, the true essence lies in spiritual enlightenment and healing.

Through meditation, we embark on a quest to unravel the higher truth of our existence and discover our life’s purpose. Rapid changes ripple through our body, mind, and soul. Colors seem more vibrant, flavors more intense, and peace of mind and clarity of thought reign supreme. Intuition transforms into guidance, guiding us through life’s twists and turns with purpose.

But the impact of meditation extends far beyond the individual. Studies have illuminated the power of collective meditation, where large groups coming together in stillness have been known to influence and heal not just themselves, but their surroundings as well. Crime rates drop, harmony prevails, and the world transforms. Imagine the possibilities within your family, workplace, and personal well-being.

The journey of meditation holds the key to profound transformation – within and around us. Read More About Meditation


Apart from the obvious weight-loss benefit achieved by intermittent fasting for periods of up to 12 hours, this method has demonstrated its ability to induce favorable stress-related changes in brain chemistry, enhancing synaptic function.

The concept of intermittent metabolic switching, involving cycles of metabolic challenges inducing ketosis (fasting) followed by recovery periods (eating, resting, and sleeping), holds the potential for optimizing lifelong brain function and resilience. 

Many other metabolic benefits are achieved by various fasting methods, which can all be explained by creating space within the body’s metabolic biochemistry. Read more about Fasting Here


In a world filled with constant hustle and bustle, we often find ourselves overwhelmed, running from one task to another. The demands on our time and energy can take a toll on our emotional and mental well-being. Our bodies, like our minds, respond to this chaos, often leading to issues such as metabolic imbalances, digestive problems, and increased stress. The solution, it seems, lies in creating space.

Creating healing space in our lives can work wonders for our physical and mental health. Here are the five powerful methods we’ve explored:

  1. Sleep and Rest: The restorative power of sleep is undeniable. It’s during these moments of rest and solitude that our bodies can truly focus on healing and regeneration. Adequate sleep is linked to various health benefits, from better blood pressure to improved immune functioning.

  2. Minimalism – Simplification: Less is indeed more. Simplifying our lives and decluttering our physical spaces can lead to increased energy flow and mental clarity. By deliberately creating space in our lives, we trigger a rapid healing process, not just mentally and emotionally, but also physically.

  3. Detox – Clean Diet and Herbs: Cleansing our bodies with pure food and herbs creates metabolic space for healing and rejuvenation. By simplifying what goes into our bodies, we initiate the healing and fat-burning processes, fostering growth and regeneration.

  4. Meditation: Embarking on a journey of meditation takes us into the depths of consciousness, offering profound insights and transformation. It enhances our physical health, mental clarity, and spiritual well-being. Collective meditation’s power can influence not only individuals but also their surroundings, leading to harmonious environments.

  5. Fasting: Beyond weight loss, intermittent fasting brings about favorable changes in brain chemistry and synaptic function. Intermittent metabolic switching, with cycles of fasting followed by recovery periods, optimizes lifelong brain function and resilience. Various fasting methods bring metabolic benefits, all achieved by creating space within the body’s biochemistry.

These methods reveal a powerful truth – that creating space within ourselves, both physically and mentally, allows the healing process to flourish. Whether it’s through rest, simplification, detox, meditation, or fasting, the path to well-being lies in embracing the concept of space.

As you explore these methods further, remember that healing extends beyond the individual. The collective impact of these practices can transform families, workplaces, and personal health. Consider the possibilities, and embark on your journey of creating healing space today.

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