Blood Tests before and after the Detox Program

Q: Are there any blood tests I can get before or after the detox program?

A: there are a series of blood tests you could get after completing the detox program to show the results. These include:

  • Liver Function Enzyme Tests
  • Kidney Function Tests (GFR)
  • Inflammatory markers (CRP)
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Blood sugar profile (HBA1C)

User Guides Downloads

Q: I’ve lost my user guide, can you help?

A: You can download user guides for all the detox, boditune and slim programs here


I suffer with Food Allergy, Intolerance or sensitivity

Q: What is your advice on dealing with Salicylate/Dairy/wheat/nightshade sensitivities/allergies?

A: I suggest alkalizing the body primarily and healing the gut as these are the most common underlying triggers of inflammation and can be behind many allergy and sensitivity issues. Our deep cleanse or gentle BodiClenz program is ideal for that. Read more about Alkalizing here


Are there any allergens in your products?

Q: Do your products contain any allergens?

A: The Ultimate Herbal Health products do not contain, dairy, soy, peanuts, or gluten. They are sugar and additive-free.


Is it safe to use the Ultimate Herbal Health products on young children?

It’s not recommended to use the Herbal Detox, BodiClenz, or Slim programs on children under the age of 12. However, the BodiTune product can be used on children over the age of 2. It’s also advised to use only half the dose on any program for children between 12 and 16 years old. Over the age of 16, all products can be used the full standard dose.

Where else can I buy your products locally, in a brick-and-mortar store?

You can find retailers and shops that sell our product using our store locater, click here

What makes your products better than other brands?

Q: why are your products better than other products?
Q: why should I buy your products?
Q: what makes your products the best?
Q: what’s different about your product than others?

A: Brett Elliott’s Ultimate herbal health program has been created and designed by New Zealand Medical Herbalist, Brett Elliott after many years of clinical practice. The key things that set Brett Elliott’s ultimate herbal health products apart from other brands include:

  • Brett uses what’s called a Heroic herbal medicine which employs synergistic megadose therapy, with up to 10 times the dose used in other common products.
  • Brett focuses on 100% herbal and plant-based healing, with no additives or processed chemicals used.
  • There is also the holistic approach where diet, medicinal herbs, and the power of your mind are applied simultaneously as what Brett calls the ‘Ultimate Healing Triangle’.
  • Thirdly, Medical Herbalist Brett Elliott provides you with support overload. You will get access to hundreds of articles, books, videos, and live chat covering every aspect of your journey with the healing triangle.
  • When you combine the megadose therapy with pure healing foods, and then apply Brett’s self-healing secrets, you can get a powerful healing response like nothing you are not likely to find anywhere else.