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Unlock Your Self-Healing Potential with a Personal Online Consultation

No matter where you are in your life, you can start the next step in your Journey to Ultimate Health today.

Why spend $1,000’s on appointments and health products when you can get Brett Elliott’s personal expert advice straight to your home? Brett’s programs are designed to empower you with the knowledge to be able to make positive changes in your health at home.

Brett will personally put together a specific health program for you which will include dietary advice, herbs, and home remedies to address your particular ailment, or to help reach your next goal.

How it works

To get a good understanding of you Brett requires a profile of your general health, diet, and lifestyle with a three-part Health Assessment Questionnaire. Once purchased you will be emailed a link to the Health Assessment Questionnaire. You simply tick the boxes and send it then Brett will do the rest!

Brett Elliott will study your Questionnaire, give you a 45-minute phone call, zoom or skype, and request any other history you can provide, including medical test results if you have them. Brett will then send you his health program recommendations including diet and lifestyle, herbal and other home remedies, plus link you to relevant informative articles, recipes, and evidence of efficacy.

It’s that simple.

Brett Elliott
Brett Elliott

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What you will receive

Brett Elliott’s recommendations will include:

Dietary advice: There are specific foods can you use as medicine. In other words, by having more of specific foods in your regular diet you can impact on your specific health concern. The same applies to some foods which should be reduced. Knowing this information can be one of the powerful pieces of information for your long-term health outcome.

Home remedies: There may be specific herbal remedies that you can make at home right from your garden or pantry. Once again it comes back to what you can do long-term to manage and maintain ideal health. Your ability to make home remedies is a crucial part of this picture.

Liquid Herbal formulation: Brett can provide concentrated herbal formulations from his herbal dispensary and will often recommend a tonic blend of liquid extracts which can be delivered along with your program. These liquids can also be used long-term as a healing herbal tonic. We all have specific herbs that work well with our bodies.

Herbal DETOX n Heal Yourself Program: There may be an inner body cleanse Detox program required to start the ball rolling. By cleansing and supporting your metabolism, your body metabolism is reset, regaining its full quota of energy for healing and growth. This is the foundation for all other areas of your body but also supports the emotional and mental aspects of health.

The Next Level: Everybody is different but there are always a couple of things we can do on the energetic level, body-mind-spirit. Often Brett will suggest a couple of things that can be done in this area to help you.

All of this will come back to you in an email with links to supporting info, and you will be left empowered to take that next step on your healing journey.

If you’re ready to make a real commitment to your long-term health, then maybe now’s the time.


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